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Developing world-class fitness professionals through a unique and interactive environment of learning and coaching. The CPPS system will provide the most comprehensive coaching model, built on the 7 pillars of athletic performance; pre-movement preparation, strength, power, speed, core training, program design, and mental toughness.

Once you become part of the CPPS family, you will join the global network of like-minded, highly successful and motivated fitness professionals working toward Coaching Mastery. Coaching Mastery is the only path for fitness professionals who are committed to, and passionate about, helping others achieve their dreams. It is a life long journey of mastering each coaching competency and mastering yourself.


Board Of Directors



Director of Weightlifting

Wil Fleming is a sports performance coach and Olympic weightlifting fiend. His expertise comes from years of training and coaching athletes in multiple sports. His athletes are routinely the most explosive, fastest, and strongest on the field. He is also one of the strongest medium sized guys you will ever run into boasting some pretty decent numbers on the platform and in the weight room.

Wil is the co-owner of Force Fitness and Performance and Athletic Revolution Bloomington, in Bloomington, IN. Force Fitness just turned 4 years old and is already one of the most successful training facilities in the Midwest with nearly 400 clients, 30 athletes earning Division I scholarships and nearly 80 athletes moving on to compete at the NCAA level in Division I, II, III.
In addition to being a business owner, Wil was one of the authors of the IYCA’s Essentials of High School Strength and Conditioning, along with other noted performance experts Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, and Dr. Toby Brooks. Along with Robert Dos Remedios he created Power Evolution. He authored the IYCA’s Instructor Course: Olympic Lifting, and was the creator of the DVD Complete Olympic Lifting.

Wil is a regular contributor to the IYCA blog, STACK (a magazine for high school athletes), and T-Nation where he writes about the being an explosive athlete/dude.

Wil is a sought after speaker on the topics of power development, Olympic lifting, and strength training for athletes. He has spoken at the IYCA International Summit (2010-12), the Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar (2011), Building Better Athletes Seminar (2012) and the College of the Canyons Strength and Conditioning Clinic (2012, 2013). Wil is already booked to speak in 2013 in Indianapolis as the keynote presenter at the St. Vincent’s Sports Performance Seminar, in Jacksonville, FL and Columbus, OH at Enhancing Athletic Performance.

Prior to being a business owner, he was an Olympic Trials participant, an all-American athlete, and the school record holder at Indiana University as a hammer thrower. Wil was a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for Olympic weightlifting after winning a Jr. National Championship in the same sport.



Director of Nutrition

Thomas P. Bilella is an expert in his field who has treated over 60,000 clients throughout the span of his 20-year professional career. He holds four certifications in nutrition, including an M.S. in Human Nutrition from The University of Bridgeport. Located in downtown Red Bank, New Jersey, Tom’s Nutrition Treatment Center supports those with thryoid dysfunction, auto-immune condition, metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders and anti-aging to name a few.
Tom has also been Joe DeFranco’s “go to” nutrition expert for the past 10 years. He designs the nutrition programs for all of Joe’s high-profile clients, as well as Joe’s NFL Combine class each year.



Director of Powerlifting

Jesse Burdick is a highly sought after Trainer and Power Lifting Coach. His dedication to fitness and education, coupled with his undying desire to help others reach their potential has led to his success. He was an NCAA Division I baseball player and has also competed at the semi-pro level in Canada, Upstate New York, and here in California. Currently Jesse competes as an Elite level power lifter in 5 weight classes with a best squat of 909 pounds, best bench of 628 pounds, and a best deadlift of 815 pounds.

After completing Bachelor degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice, Jesse was contemplating law school. However, that path took a turn when he decided to pursue his true passion and work in the fitness industry. Jesse has spent the last 10 years working as an NSCS Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He also went on to receive certification as a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as Active Release Techniques Level II certification. Recently Jesse joined the father of Power Lifting, Louis Simmons at Westside to help run the Power Lifting certification for CrossFit and now has transitioned full time to Team Super Training Strength Seminars. Today Jesse coaches a power lifting team, high school athletic teams, and works with individuals trying to succeed in health and fitness.

Jesse’s ever evolving knowledge of human anatomy and insight into the constantly progressing fitness industry enables him to custom tailor programs for clients looking to shed a few pounds or athletes preparing for competition. It is a rarity to find someone so passionate about their profession.

Jesse is also the founder of the Prevail Powerlifting Team and trains his crew and clients out of CSA gym in Dublin, CA.



Director of Kettlebell Training

Uncle Mike has proven to be one of the most diverse sports medicine/health and fitness professionals in the Jersey Shore area with over 25 years of hands on experience working with everyone from professional athletes to general population.

BS in Physical Education, Certified Athletic Trainer through NATA since 1990, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA (1991),RKC (2003), RKC 2 (2005) Certified Russian Kettlebell Teacher (level 1 & 2 IKFF)

Co-owner of the Training Room (circa 1999), NJ’s original kettlebell gym.

Co-founder of The Training Room’s Integrated Kettlebell Training Certification.

Head Athletic Trainer at Freehold High School since 1990, specializing in sports medicine, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning of over 600 high school athletes.
Over Twenty years of experience in the Health and Fitness/Sports Medicine Industries. Trainer to athletes and clients of all levels including several NBA players and members or the Women’s US National and Olympic Soccer Teams. Uncle Mike has worked with UFC fighters such as Renzo Grace, Ricardo Almeida and Frankie Edgar. Former Athletic Trainer for New Jersey Shore Cats, USBL Basketball League, under head coach Rick Barry.



Director of Sport Psychology

Mark is from upstate New York and did his formal undergraduate education at Colgate University. His years at Colgate University were focused on athletic endeavors such as competitive swimming, rowing and triathlon racing, interrupted by brief episodes of academic activity. After graduation from “The Gate,” Mark started his professional career as a CPA with Coopers & Lybrand in New York City. Clients included luminous and no-longer existent financial firms such as Solomon Brothers and Paine Webber.

Four painful years later, with an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business in his briefcase, he left behind the suit to pursue his inner vision to become a Navy SEAL officer. He was 26 when he graduated as honor-man (#1 ranked trainee) of his SEAL BUD/s class 171. Mark was fortunate to serve with many great men and women on active duty for nine years and in the reserves for eleven; he retired with the rank of Commander in 2011 after twenty years of service.

After leaving active duty in 1997, Mark started his second business career as an entrepreneur. He co-founded the successful Coronado Brewing Company and launched is the leading web site for gear and information about the SEALs. US Tactical was next, gaining contracts with Naval Special Warfare Group ONE for training support, and the Navy Recruiting Command for a nationwide mentoring program for SEAL, SWCC, EOD and Diver candidates.

Mark’s business career was interrupted by a stint as an Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the University of San Diego, where he was pursuing his Doctorate in Leadership, and then by a one year recall to active duty in 2004. The recall took him to Baghdad with SEAL Team One to conduct a special project for Naval Special Warfare Command surrounding the role of the USMC in Special Operations.

In 2007 he launched his CrossFit affiliate and the now internationally known SEALFIT program to provide transformational personal and team training experiences. The training utilizes an integrated warrior development model he developed, called Unbeatable Mind, which draws from his 20 years as a SEAL and business leader, 25 years as a martial artist and 15 years as yoga practitioner.

SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind are uniquely effective at elevating clients to a higher level of operating, thinking and leading – encompassing the full spectrum of human experience – Body, Mind and Spirit in Self, Team and Organization.



Director of Post-Rehabilitation

Dean is an exercise physiologist and strength coach from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He is also the Medical & Rehabilitation coordinator for World Health clubs, a health club chain across Alberta, Canada that has over 40 locations. He manages the medical referrals into and out of the clubs and to health professionals, and oversees the continuing education of over 200 trainers to help set a standard of care in post-rehabilitation.

Dean has been featured regularly on, and has also been featured in Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health magazines. He has presented seminars at workshops across North America, most notably for canfitpro and the National Strength & Conditioning Association.



Director of Business Strategy

Paul Reddick spent 14 years in professional baseball as a coach and scout. During that time he served at Community Outreach Director for The Yogi Berra Museum and started Reddick Sports which digitally publishes training programs in 9 different sports. The baseball division of Reddick Sports is the largest publisher of baseball training programs in the world.

His signature product the 90mph Club has been used by more pitchers than any other program of its kind. He’s also written several books including the best sellers The Picture Perfect Pitcher and Mike Epstein on Hitting. Reddick also served as a State Delegate for USA Baseball.

Paul is also a well known speaker having addressed over 100,000 students.

In 2003, Paul’s name was added to The Wall Of Tolerance by Rosa Parks and in 2011 he was presented The Larry Doby Award by Mayor Corey Booker for outstanding service to the youth of Newark. The fitness community best knows Paul from his GFGI seminar. This annual event has produced some of the sports and fitness industry’s most successful leaders. Paul is also a sought after coach and consultant for sports and fitness professional starting their online businesses.

in 2012, Paul joined fellow CPPS board members James Smith and Vince Gabriele to complete the first SEALfit Challenge.
Vince Gabriele

Vince Gabriele ( MS, RKC, PICP )

Director of Business Administration

Vince Gabriele is the owner of Gabriele Fitness & Performance, a 6,000 square foot training facility in Berkeley Heights, NJ. They are the go to facility in their area for training Middle School and High School athletes.

Vince and his team run business mentorships from their facility teaching trainers from around the country how to run their businesses more efficiently.

He is a regular speaker for many local colleges and business seminars on various subjects including how to open your own facility, building a team, creating rock solid relationships.

From 2003 to 2007, Vince was the the Director of Football Development at Fitness Quest 10, a nationally-recognized sports performance facility and personal training center in San Diego.

Vince played football at Temple University from 1998-2001 and then graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration in 2003. He received a masters degree in exercise science from California University of PA in 2007.



Director of Human Movement Function

Dr. Perry is a Chiropractic Physician specializing in Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and Human Movement Assessment.

An expert in myofascial, orthopedic, medical and trigger point soft tissue therapy.

Member of the Board of Directors and Medical Staff Advisor for AIMLA (American Institute for Medical Laser Application, a governing body for laser therapy education. Director of Clinical Operations of LiteCure, LLC and owner of the Pain Laser Center, LLC in Ramsey NJ.

Certified Instructor for Functional Movement Systems(FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). Certified Instructor for Neurokinetic Therapy movement rehabilitation. Rocktape Rock Doc Instructor for Fascial Movement Taping. TRX-Sports Medicine Instructor.

He is regular columnist for Dynamic Chiropractic Journal, Livestrong, To Your Health Magazine, StrengthCoach, STACK, and other health and fitness publications. A1997 graduate from Palmer Chiropractic University and a master fitness trainer with 30+ years experience in the health industry.

Creator of the Core4 Recovery and Regeneration System and founder of Stop Chasing Pain.



Jim is a highly respected performance enhancement specialist, author, lecturer and consultant for Diesel Strength and Conditioning. He has written for numerous national magazines including Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health and is a featured writer for Jim has published several best-selling manuals and DVD’s in the areas of athletic performance, muscle building and strength training that have been purchased by athletes, coaches and fitness professionals all over the world

Joe DeFranco

Joe DeFranco

Joe DeFranco owns and operates DeFranco’s Gym in Wyckoff, NJ. DeFranco’s Gym has been named one of America’s 10 Best Gyms by Men’s Health magazine and one of the Top 5 Most Innovative Gyms in the USA by For the past 15 years, athletes from around the world have hired Joe because of his remarkable ability to improve strength, speed, flexibility and power. Joe’s training techniques have been featured on Spike TV, NFL Network,, Men’s Health Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, and in the documentary, ‘STRONG’. His resume includes All-Pro NFL players, MLB players, NHL Players, WWE superstars and UFC fighters. Now, Joe’s techniques on getting faster are available to you in SPEED!