Eddy Ramirez

Eddy Ramirez
Brutus Fitness
5th st,
Gonzales, California 93926
United States
CPPS Certification level1
CPPS Certification level2

I started volunteering at Gonzales High School so I can pass on my experience and knowledge in the weight room to help students “Be their best” and “Lift with Purpose”. My first mission was to reduce injury rates and increase strength for the football team.

Over the years I transitioned to the Varsity Football Defensive Coordinator, but I still work with athletes and coaches from other sports at GHS to help them design and implement workouts that challenge their teams to improve. If you want to be trained to unlock your potential for your team I’m always eager to help.

Every year I invite 3-4 young minds to personally train with me in the off season and work on becoming powerful explosive athletes. This group is INVITE ONLY and the only requirement is your work ethic needs to stand out so that I notice and invite you.

If you endure and you work hard, you become part of my KRU and my goal becomes to help you reach your goal.

Many have accepted the invite but few make it more than a couple of weeks.  If you think you have what it takes to get an invite, show me.  If you come to Gonzales High School and play football, prepare to train hard and become your best. Go Spartans!!

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