Jeremiah Hammon

Jeremiah Hammon
Atomic Strong
730 SE 212th Ave, Unit 101,
Gresham, Oregon 97030
United States
CPPS Certification level1
CPPS Certification level2

My Journey started two decades ago when I was a passenger in a major car accident. The driver was intoxicated, and hit a parked car doing 75 MPH. The parked car landed on my lap breaking my right hip, pelvis (in ten places), ribs, head, and of all things, MY BIG TOE!

This started me down the path that eventually led me to become a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, Nutrition Coach as well as leader in the Aerospace industry (why not add that, it’s a huge accomplishment).

I have spent the last decade training with some of the highest caliber coaches and martial artists in the world. I am now 99% recovered and living an Atomic Strong life.
The goal was reconnect my mind, body and soul and in the process realized my passion for helping others.

What I’ve learned and share with others- there are no limits, there are no plateaus. There is no end to what we can accomplish if we work hard and stay focused.

Jeremiah Hammon, CPPS


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