Jeremy Brooks

Jeremy Brooks
Tokyo Joes / Team Link
1338 Hooksett Road,
Hooksett, New Hampshire 03106
CPPS Certification level1
CPPS Certification level2
CPPS Certification master

Jeremy is a proud CPPS who believes in building better bodies through functional foundations. Jeremy have been working in the health industry for 4 years but the passion for fitness began 10 prior in a high school weight room. Jeremy has worked from a floor trainer at a local planet fitness to managing two big commercial facility’s. Jeremy is dedicated to being the best coach that he can be in the fitness industry.



Phil Daru ATT intern

Mike Boyle’s Strength and Conditioning intern

Head Strength Coach at Tokyo Joes/Team Link Hooksett

Brooks Performance Systems Founder



Certified Physical Preparation Specialist

Advanced Athletic Preparation Specialist

CPPS Masters

“Best words coach Jeremy said to me when attempting a knee jump I could never do. “Yes you can! Just do it!” And I did it !” – Maureen Shea. Maureen is the current IFBA Jr Featherweight World Champion, former NABA Featherweight Champion, former NABF and former Interim WBC Featherweight World Champion.




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