Mathys van Droogenbroeck

Mathys van Droogenbroeck
Natural Strength
Floridadreef 98A,
Utrecht, Utrecht 3565AM
CPPS Certification level1

I started training at 14 because of a knee injury i suffered playing soccer. Strength training helped me get stronger and build confidence. Seeing these results motivated me to become a trainer and help others get stronger, move better and build confidence. A couple years later I attended the CPPS level one in the old DeFranco’s gym this experience changed everything. Back home I started training more people and developing my own style of training. 2 years later I put everything I had in and opened my own gym Natural Strength to have the freedom to train the way I wanted. Since then I have worked with athletes to prepare for their sport and with the general public to get stronger, move better and build confidence.


I’m truly passionate about training, helping others get better and learning more.

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