Mike Gorski

Mike Gorski
807 Liberty Drive,
Verona, Wisconsin 53593
United States
CPPS Certification level1

I am a fitness professional and registered dietitian whose main area of expertise is getting my clients results through science-based training and nutrition. I help people become stronger, leaner, and healthier – all while centering their training and nutrition advice around their “Why?”.

I have worked with clients who have needed to lose anywhere from 5 to 150 pounds (and they did!), increase strength for specific sports, wanted look better and feel better, coming off of physical therapy for total joint replacements, clients with severe back injuries, who want to hit the golf ball farther, with eating disorders, severe food allergies and clients who want to just have some fun in their day.

Additional Certifications Include:

  • RD – Registered Dietitian – since 2014
  • TPI lvl 2 – Titleist Performance Institute – Golf Fitness Level 2
  • PPSC – Pain Free Performance Specialist
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