CPPS Football Certification – January 2021 (Open Registration)

Course Overview:

To be a great football coach it takes a plan, a system of training, structured workouts that have been built through experience and in-the-trenches hard work, and a ‘beginner’s mindset’ to always want to learn more and get better. This will throw uncertainty out the window, give the coach unparalleled confidence to lead their team to victory and get every player to step up and perform at their best for every single training session, practice, and game.

The reality is, the worst thing that could ever happen for a coach is having a team full of athletes that have amazing natural talents and great abilities but they don’t have the strength, power, speed and endurance to excel on the field.

Unfortunately, many coaches believe their program is already world-class and that they have nothing to learn. These coaches basically STOP learning and think they know everything. It takes them years to get ahead and they can’t ever get out of their own way to actually figure out how to win. What these “guru’s” don’t understand is that everyone suffers if they let their ‘ego’ get in the way – the players, the parents, AND the coach themselves!

The real question is, are you the kind of coach that likes to win?

Because the winning edge is so slim that it is going to every trick and technique you’ve got to make that happen. It really comes down to doing the “little things right” over-and-over again and using the RIGHT information because that is going to make the biggest difference.

Enter the CPPS Football Certification!

It truly is the most comprehensive football training system every put together and after you register today, it is going to BLOW YOU AWAY. No stone has been left unturned because every single aspect of training football players the right way is covered in this unparalleled system of training that is built on our proven 6-Tier protocol.

We’ve smashed through your hardest obstacles and eliminated your biggest fears. No more uncertainty of wondering if your program is going to actually work. No more misunderstanding of long-term development for your athletes and how to make an effective change to your program right now. No more lack of understanding of how to build strength, power, or speed to help good players get great. It is all built into this one-of-a-kind football training system.


Module 1: CPPS Football Certification Philosophy with Yearly Plan

Module 2: Managing In-Season Stress and Recovery
Module 3: Breathing Resets for Optimal Recovery
Module 4: Advanced Breathing Protocols for Restoration | Brian MacKenzie
Module 5: Critical Mobility Strategies for Football Players
Module 6: Movement and Training for a Longevity | Steve Maxwell
Module 7: Advanced Shoulder Rehab / Warm-up Protocols | Donnie Thompson
Module 8: Advanced Ankle / Foot Restoration Protocols | Donnie Thompson
Module 9: Optimal Hydration Strategies for Camp

Module 10: Strength Training Fundamentals: Mastering the “Big 3” Barbell Lifts
Module 11: The Best Supplemental Lifts to the “Big 3” Barbell Lifts
Module 12: Strength Training for the Neck | Mike Jolly

Module 13: Improving Linear Speed and Acceleration for Team Sport Athletes
Module 14: Top 8 Acceleration Drills for Team Sport Athletes
Module 15: Top Real World Agility Drills

Module 16: Overview of the Combine Tests
Module 17: Linear Speed Analysis – Acceleration vs. Max Velocity Sprint Mechanics
Module 18: 40-Yard Dash (Original)
Module 19: 40-Yard Dash (with Updated Stance)
Module 20: The Vertical Jump
Module 21: The 20-Yard Shuttle
Module 22: The 3-Cone Drill
Module 23: The Bench Press (Original)
Module 24: The Bench Press (with Updated Philosophy)
Module 25: The Broad Jump

Module 26: Strategies for Effectively Training Large Groups
Module 27: Outfitting Your High School / Collegiate / Pro Weight Room
Module 28: The Importance of Neutral Priming for Performance
Module 29: Developing Effective Warm-up Protocols for Training vs. Game Time
Module 30: Practical Energy System Training for Football
Module 31: Football Conditioning Favorites
Module 32: Regressions and Progressions Protocols for Optimizing Workouts
Module 33: Programming Considerations for Quarterbacks

Module 34: Bonus – NFL | Sample Training Week for Combine
Module 35: Bonus – NFL | In-Season Full Body Recovery Workout
Module 36: Bonus – NFL | Horsepower Workout
Module 37: Bonus – NFL | Game Speed Workout
Module 38: Bonus – NFL | Brute Strength Workout
Module 39: Bonus – NFL | Pro Maker 2.0 Workout

Resource 1 | Evolution of Prowler Training Presentation
Resource 2 | The WS4SB3 Program
Resource 3 | The SB911 Program
Resource 4 | In-Season Training for Football Players Audiobook
Resource 5 | Breathing 101: The Art of Breath Protocol Presentation


The curriculum for the CPPS Football Certification is the physical book, The CPPS Football Manual, and the massive downloadable resources that come with the certification. After you register today, the manual will be shipped direction to your house. You will use the manual, along with the 39 never-before-seen CPPS Football video modules, to learn the complete CPPS football training philosophy. We leave no stone unturned in this one-of-a-kind 168 pg. manual! It comes with 12-months of NEW football programming (including In-Season, Early Off-Season, Off-Season & Pre-Season) and covers our 6-Tier Protocol, including philosophy, recovery, strength training, power and speed development, Combine preparation, and programming!

Special Note on Shipping: Domestic orders within the US should arrive in 5-10 business days and international orders can take upwards of 2-4 weeks to arrive.

Certification FAQ’s:

Question 1: Are there any pre-requisites to take the CPPS Football certification and is it ONLY for coaches and trainers?
Answer: Absolutely not. There are no prerequisites for taking the football certification. We’ve had personal trainers, physical therapists, strength coaches, and fitness enthusiasts (who just football or love training football players) – take the certification.

Question 2: Is there a group discount?
Answer: Yes. For groups of 3 or more there is a discount. Each member of the group will receive a 10% discount on the cost of the tuition. The CPPS Football manual will be mailed to each coach in the group when they register.

Question 3: Is there a deadline for completing the CPPS Football exam?
Answer: No. There is NO deadline and NO exam for the CPPS Football certification. You can go through the video modules and syllabus at your own pace.

Questions 4: Do I lose access to the CPPS football modules after I complete the certification?
Answer: No. You have lifetime access to the CPPS football modules and can watch them through your personal dashboard whenever you need to refresh the curriculum.

Question 5: After I complete the certification, how do I receive my CPPS Football certificate?
Answer: After you’re able to go through all of the CPPS Football video modules and complete the course curriculum in the syllabus, you will be able to print your certificate from within your personal dashboard.

Question 6: What is the Refund Policy?
Answer: A refund of the tuition for all CPPS online or on-site courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis within 30 days after the date of registration. The refund for all certifications will not include the cost of the CPPS curriculum ($500 value), which is not eligible for a refund. For on-site certifications, cancellations less than 30 days prior to the date of the certification, will be charged a $350 cancellation fee. If you are unable to attend your upcoming on-site CPPS certification, your registration may be transferred and rescheduled to a new on-site certification in the future or to an online course of equal value. If the course has to be cancelled by CPPS Coaches, participants will have the option to receive a refund (minus the cost of the CPPS curriculum) or be registered for a future CPPS course. Please contact – helpdesk @ dieselsc dot com with any questions.


We do offer 2-payment plans, 3-payment plans, and group rates for the certification. If you are interested in setting up a payment plan to attend or you’re coming as a group, please email us at: Helpdesk [at] dieselsc.com



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