The CPPS Level 2 certification is your next step on the road to coaching mastery. While the CPPS Level 1 certification gave you the science, principles, and foundation for training, the CPPS Level 2 course takes it a step further.

The CPPS Level 2 certification gives you all of the templates, programs, and systems that have been used over the course of a combined 40+ years training clients and athletes of all levels – and achieving world-class results. Based on science, proven in the gym, and demonstrated on the field of play, the CPPS Level 2 systems will help you achieve the business of your dreams while allowing you to live you passion every single day.

As someone who’s taken our Level 1 program, you already know how powerful of a foundation it is for your training, your programs, and your business. We’ve got HUNDREDS of happy success stories, where working pros literally RAVE about how CPPS Level 1 has transformed their skills and bottom line results.That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to let you know about the next level in your journey toward CPPS Coaching Mastery.


Introducing the CPPS Level 2 Masters Program — the most advanced and yet easy-­to-learn and easy-to-apply system we’ve EVER created! It takes you far beyond all the skills, techniques and strategies you got in level 1, helping you up your game and reduce your workload through greater automation. CPPS Level 2 is just that — the answer to help you advance your skills and build the business of your dreams, in the shortest time possible.

With all the new information, programs, systems and approaches out there — you need to stay ahead of the pack.

Register now before your competition does!

See you on the Inside!

Smitty & Joe D.


Advanced Pre-Movement Preparation
MODULE 1: Advanced Soft-Tissue Strategies: Jill Miller
MODULE 2: Advanced Mobility Drills: Steve Maxwell
MODULE 3: Advanced CPPS Warm-up Protocol
MODULE 4: Advanced CPPS Athletic Assessment and Correctives

Advanced Strength Development
MODULE 5: Advanced Strength Training – Bands Application
MODULE 6: Advanced Strength Training – Chain Application
MODULE 7: The Best Supplemental Exercises to Build the ‘Big 3’ Barbell Lifts

Advanced Power Development
MODULE 8: Advanced Contrast Training – The Top 7 Pairings for Real World Results
MODULE 9: The Top 5 Power Exercises for Real World Results
MODULE 10: Extensive Jumps vs. Plyometrics

Advanced Speed Development
MODULE 11: Advanced Strength Training Methods for Blazing Speed
MODULE 12: The Great 8 Top Acceleration Drills for Blazing Speed
MODULE 13: The Evolution of Prowler Training (DONE)
MODULE 14: The Most Over-Rated Speed Drill

Advanced Program Design
MODULE 15: Simple Block Periodization
MODULE 16: Energy System Training Made Easy
MODULE 17: Sport Specific Conditioning Guidelines
MODULE 18: How to Program Indicator Exercises
MODULE 19: Advanced Program Design
MODULE 20: Advanced CPPS Progression / Regression Model
MODULE 21: Effective Group Training Guidelines

Sports Performance Psychology: Mark Divine
MODULE 22: Visualization
MODULE 23: Importance of Early Athletics
MODULE 24: Inner Drive

Sports Performance Nutrition: Mike Dolce
MODULE 25: Core 4 Nutrition Principles

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  1. After you sign-up for the online CPPS Level 2 Certification, you will receive an email with the SUBJECT LINE, “Registration for the CPPS Level 2 Online Certification.” This email will contain the instructions to setup your personal dashboard to gain access to the CPPS videos and downloadable study materials. Please be patient, due to potential delays with email servers, this email might take several minutes to come through to your inbox. If you don’t see the email after 1 hour, be sure to check your S P A M folder.
  2. After registration, be sure to download the CPPS Level 2 Student Syllabus from the top of your personal dashboard. Please print out the syllabus and place it behind your CPPS Level 1 course material in your 3-ring binder. Use the CPPS Level 2 Syllabus to take notes and follow along as you go through the CPPS Level 2 course curriculum and video modules.


Question 1: Are there any pre-requisites to take the CPPS Level 2 certification and is it ONLY for coaches and trainers?
Answer: The CPPS Level 2 Master’s course are for coaches who have previously completed the CPPS Level 1 certification.

Question 2: Is there a group discount?
Answer: Yes. For groups of 3 or more there is a discount. Each member of the group will receive a 10% discount on the cost of the tuition.

Questions 3: Do I lose access to the CPPS Level 2 video modules after I complete the certification?
Answer: No. You have lifetime access to the CPPS Level 2 video modules and can watch them through your personal dashboard whenever you need to refresh the curriculum.

Question 4: After I complete the certification, how do I receive my CPPS Level 2 certificate?
Answer: After you’re able to go through all of the CPPS Level 2 video modules and complete the course curriculum in the syllabus, you will be able to print your certificate from within your personal dashboard.


What is the refund policy for the CPPS course?
Answer: A refund of the tuition for all CPPS online or on-site courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis within 30 days after the date of registration. The refund for all certifications will not include the cost of the CPPS curriculum ($500 value), which is not eligible for a refund. For on-site certifications, cancellations less than 30 days prior to the date of the certification, will be charged a $350 cancellation fee. If you are unable to attend your upcoming on-site CPPS certification, your registration may be transferred and rescheduled to a new on-site certification in the future or to an online course of equal value. If the course has to be cancelled by CPPS Coaches, participants will have the option to receive a refund (minus the cost of the CPPS curriculum) or be registered for a future CPPS course. Please contact – helpdesk @ dieselsc dot com with any questions.

What is the cancellation policy for the CPPS course?
Answer: Please arrange for your own cancellation insurance. In the event that a certification course is cancelled due to but not limited to a scheduling issue, host-issue, public health issue, or geo-political issue, the CPPS Certification will provide credit for your registration fee for an upcoming certification course and/or provide access to the online CPPS course, BUT WILL NOT compensate for any flights, accommodation or days missed from work.




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