Deacon Andrew

“I attended my CPPS over a year ago and couldn’t be more stoked with the information gained from it. I don’t think I have missed an article or program that Joe D and Smitty have put out over the last 5 years and when I had the opportunity to go up and learn from them directly I jumped all over it. I am always asked what certification I put the most value in and it has to be my CPPS by far. The science-based knowledge that we learned prior to attending was phenomenal (in the curriculum), but then to have that solidified with the hands on coaching and corrections from them was invaluable.

My main background is in working with motocross racers, snowboarders, wake-boarders and tactical athletes, and recently I have ended up coaching a lot of high end competitive exercisers for time and have been able to build much healthier competitors than those around me because of the principles taken from my CPPS. Not to mention when working with traditional sports athletes it is very nice to be able to send them directly to the site so they can see where the knowledge I value so much has come from. Then you add the new Defranco Insider on top of this and there’s not much else a coach would need as far as quality resources. I am very appreciative of the chance to learn from these guys and look forward to learning more.”