Joseph Virga,

“I walked into the CPPS Certification in San Diego in November 2013 expecting to learn from 2 of the best in the business,Joe D and Smitty.

What happened that weekend literally changed my life.

At that point I had (and still do) own and operate a CKO Kickboxing gym here in San Diego. Joe D said something that weekend that changed my life and what I am doing today. He told a story about training kids and how you can have a lasting impact on them for their entire lives.

At this point I never trained any kids. Today I am the proud owner of the Parisi Speed School and training kids is my passion. I learned and continue to learn from Joe D and Smitty so much from CPPS from breathing to how to deadlift. I am very grateful for that weekend and for my coaches Joe and Smitty.”