Paul Magee

“I attended the CPPS Cert In September 2014 and can honestly say every single aspect of the course was well worth the 3,200 mile journey from Ireland.

I originally signed up to the course as I was a huge fan of Joe D and Smitty’s work on YouTube. When I received the Athlete Preparation pack I was even more impressed with the knowledge and application of these coaches. I continue to use the manuals and DVD’s weekly.

I gained so much from the course itself, not only from Joe D and Smitty but from all the other attendants. There was a great atmosphere right from the start, 20+ like minded coaches absorbing but also sharing information and knowledge.

The game changer for this certification is how it all comes together over the 2 days providing all the coaches with a very simple to follow format that will help get results every time. I’ve been on many courses that help coach lifts, cover training theory etc. but I always felt that the topic of how to apply this knowledge in a program was omitted. The CPPS course nails it!!

Since the course I have opened my own 4000sq ft S&C facility and have been coaching teams and athletes. The CPPS course is simply a perfect blend of knowledge AND application. If you attend this course you will be a better coach for your athletes!”