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I took the CPPS Level 1 course this past May. By far, it is one of the best courses I have taken as a personal trainer. Through this course alone, I was able to break down a door that I have been knocking on for years! Over the past few years I began teaching myself and learning different stretching and rolling techniques. Just the mobility and activation modules of the CPPS course allowed me to take what I knew and what they taught me and build/run a flexibility program for Bergen Catholic’s Wrestling team. I will forever be thankful for the knowledge they shared. I truly would not have been able to do this without taking this life-changing certification. And, because of the certification, I was able to expand my business! I will always be grateful for the opportunity to learn from two of the greatest minds in the industry. If you want to take your skills and your business to the next level, you need to take the challenge of the CPPS certification. If you want to be the best you’ve got to learn from the best!
Paul Magee CPPS
“I attended the CPPS Cert In September 2014 and can honestly say every single aspect of the course was well worth the 3,200 mile journey from Ireland. I originally signed up to the course as I was a huge fan of Joe D and Smitty’s work on YouTube. When I received the Athlete Preparation pack I was even more impressed with the knowledge and application of these coaches. I continue to use the manuals and DVD’s weekly. I gained so much from the course itself, not only from Joe D and Smitty but from all the other attendants. There was a great atmosphere right from the start, 20+ like minded coaches absorbing but also sharing information and knowledge. The game changer for this certification is how it all comes together over the 2 days providing all the coaches with a very simple to follow format that will help get results every time. I’ve been on many courses that help coach lifts, cover training theory etc. but I always felt that the topic of how to apply this knowledge in a program was omitted. The CPPS course nails it!! Since the course I have opened my own 4000sq ft S&C facility and have been coaching teams and athletes. The CPPS course is simply a perfect blend of knowledge AND application. If you attend this course you will be a better coach for your athletes!”
Ryan Wade CPPS
“I attended CPPS in Sept 2013 at the WWE training center in Orlando, FL. Since that weekend my life has turned upside down in the best possible way in business and in life. In terms of coaching, CPPS helped in more ways than can really be listed, but the biggest game changer for me was the way I learned to break down my training methods so I can communicate them with my clients more effectively. Smitty and Joe D have an uncanny way of communication. When they speak, you can’t help but listen. I had been a collegiate wrestling and athletic development coach for two years at that point and never had I felt more confident in my communication with my athletes than after that weekend. In terms of business I’ll never be able to repay what CPPS has done for me. When I attended my first CPPS, I was a facility director with dreams of starting my own business; after that weekend those dreams starting coming to the forefront of my mind, but It wasn’t until I went back to help out in Feb. 14 that those dreams started becoming realities. I’ll never forget the dinner conversation I had with Smitty, Dean Somerset and some other CPPS alums. They asked me what I was waiting for, when would be the “right time?” I left that weekend realizing that I had make my dreams happen. I went to Defranco’s that weekend to help usher in a new class of CPPS coaches, but left with much more. Today, my business has been in operation for 8 months and is growing every day! CPPS for me has been more than a certification you file with all the others. CPPS has introduced me to some of the best people in the industry, many of which I now call mentors and friends. It’s a community focused on contribution and growth that regularly pushes each other for greatness.”
Josh Lord CPPS
“The CPPS certification has helped me become better in not just training and coaching, but in all phases of my life. From proven athletic training programs, to joining a global network of top notch coaches, I have found no shortage of resources available within the CPPS community. Additionally, I am constantly inspired by the positive and encouraging culture that Joe D. and Smitty have established with the coaches in the global CPPS network. The sense of pride and responsibility that comes with joining the CPPS team is invaluable. I would highly encourage anyone who is passionate about training and helping others reach their health, fitness, and athletic performance goals to become a member of the CPPS team. As with all things Joe D. and Smitty do, CPPS overdelivers!”
Kyle Shannon CPPS
“A week after I completed my undergrad in Exercise Science I attended the CPPS seminar. I could not think of any better way to continue to further my education than to learn from two of the best in the field. The education that I obtained from completing the CPPS certification, I use with me every single day when I am training my clients at the gym. The environment that is created during the certification is great to be a part of and allows for the content of material to be absorbed much easier because it is all hands-on. By far, I learned more at the CPPS certification than I have from any other educational experience I have been a part of. I can’t thank you enough!”
Gil Martin CPPS
“My name is Gil Martin, I am 51 yrs old and fresh off the November CPPS certification. I am a Father of 3, Grandfather of 3, a U.S.M.C. Combat Veteran, a Scout Sniper, a recovering addict, and currently in the process of retiring from a 20 plus year career in the Mass. Dept. of Corrections. I have been involved with athletics and competed in powerlifting, triathlons, submission grappling, and MMA (for job survival). With that being said, I needed to do something not only in my life but with my life. So far, everything I have ever done for a job has never had a positive outcome. Now to the good stuff. I had stumbled onto Joe D. and Smitty on YouTube and was impressed with everything they were teaching. I kept thinking to myself, “THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!” I signed up and the (curriculum) material got delivered and and I said, ” HOLY SH**” I can’t do this! No way! I took a chance and decided to dive in. I arrived and I kept saying to myself that I was out of my league. Who am I? I’m just a “MEATHEAD” and these guys own gyms, work at colleges, and at my certification, there were coach from 4 different countries! I felt lost . When the certification started, I first sat down with someone that had a Masters degree. I didn’t tell him that the only degree I have was the one from the School of Hard Knocks. As Day 1 of the certification began to unfold and I started to realize that everyone is here for each other and you could express all of your ideas and opinions, no matter who you are – I began to feel more at home. The CPPS certification is hands-on and that really is the best way to learn. You don’t have to be afraid to speak up and all you have to remember is that you are there to learn. We were all given the tools that weekend to get better and we learned the importance of paying it forward. The training and certification process over the two days was “PRICELESS!” This is an exclusive family, and when you’re a member, you have a team of coaches from all over the world who have your back. I want to ‘thank you’ for reading my story and I will leave you with this, It is hard work to achieve the CPPS certification but it is well worth it. I proudly display my certificate in my den next to my ribbons and awards. I want to thank Joe and Smitty for giving me the platform to tell my story.”
John Ryan Dolny CPPS
“Since attaining my CPPS certification, my entire concept of fitness and philosophy on strength training has changed drastically, and for the better. The CPPS certification has given me a sense of confidence and self-esteem I never knew existed in myself. The knowledge attained from the CPPS seminar has improved my own workouts, as well as, taking my personal training sessions to another level .I truly believe I wouldn’t be the same person as I am today if it was not for the CPPS certification. To anyone considering attending a CPPS certification, I can’t recommend it enough. It truly is a fantastic experience learning from Coach Smith and Coach Defranco!”
Deacon Andrew CPPS
“I attended my CPPS over a year ago and couldn’t be more stoked with the information gained from it. I don’t think I have missed an article or program that Joe D and Smitty have put out over the last 5 years and when I had the opportunity to go up and learn from them directly I jumped all over it. I am always asked what certification I put the most value in and it has to be my CPPS by far. The science-based knowledge that we learned prior to attending was phenomenal (in the curriculum), but then to have that solidified with the hands on coaching and corrections from them was invaluable. My main background is in working with motocross racers, snowboarders, wake-boarders and tactical athletes, and recently I have ended up coaching a lot of high end competitive exercisers for time and have been able to build much healthier competitors than those around me because of the principles taken from my CPPS. Not to mention when working with traditional sports athletes it is very nice to be able to send them directly to the site so they can see where the knowledge I value so much has come from. Then you add the new Defranco Insider on top of this and there’s not much else a coach would need as far as quality resources. I am very appreciative of the chance to learn from these guys and look forward to learning more.”
Francisco Marentez, CPPS Current Director of Strength and Conditioning for The John Cooper School in The Woodlands, TX, Owner of Iron Will Training Systems out of The Woodlands, TX Former Assistant Strength and Conditioning for Rice University
“In 15+ years of my professional career as a strength and conditioning coach I have never encountered a better, well-rounded certification that included programming for flexibility, mobility, strength, power, and speed training. The ability to immediately implement what you learn is astounding. By coupling all the educational literature from Hardcore, Power, Speed, Extreme, Amped, and what I took away from the hands on experience during the certification I was able to drop tenths of a second of an athlete’s 40 yard dash with-in 45 minutes of our session. We are in a results driven business and that alone spoke volumes on what is to come after implementing these practices into my program. I would recommend it to anyone trying to gain a more in-depth knowledge on training athletes who want an increase in overall performance.”
Christopher Szefler CPPS, Equinox Personal Training Manager.
“Joe Defranco and Jim Smith put together one of the most comprehensive educational programs and wrapped it up into an amazing two-day certification. I truly believe that every strength coach needs to attend the CPPS Level 1 certification, whether you are training athletes in a University setting or helping clients in a commercial gym. The practical application of their proven training principles will go a long way in helping you get the best results out of your athletes and clients!”