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Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS) Certification Overview

The CPPS certification is the gold standard for strength coaches, personal trainers, athletic performance coaches, physical therapists, fitness enthusiasts, and those who want to a deeper knowledge and education in the strength & conditioning field. We’ve cut out all the “fluff” you’ll find at other events. This is the most complete training available in the industry today.

Benefits of Becoming a CPPS Coach

Course: CPPS Level 1


The CPPS Level 1 is the fundamentals coach’s course. During the unique hands-on certification, each coach will learn: pre-movement preparation, importance of breathing, fundamental movement patterns, athletic strength development, power development, speed training, and program design.


The Level 1 CPPS certification is based upon the Complete Athletic Strength Development System. You will be required to fully understand and be able to demonstrate and coach all training and exercise techniques demonstrated in each of these core references. In addition to the prescribed curriculum, each coach’s will be required to bring their unique experiences to the certification during their coaching segments.

Achieving CPPS Level 1:

Each coach is required to complete and pass the following:

Two-Day CPPS Level 1 Format:

The CPPS 2-day certification is an aggressive hands-on / lecture-based learning environment that covers all aspects of athletic development. Each coach will lead, provide analysis and feedback, and coach the group over the course of the entire weekend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please understand that each certification has very limited space due to the personalized attention and extensive hands-on training. So sign-up ASAP for the date of the certification that best fits your schedule.

CPPS Certification – Day 1 (morning): Essentials and Fundamentals

  • Essentials of breathing
  • Fundamental movement patterns and corrections
  • Bracing mechanics and optimal positioning
  • The basics of core training and the CPPS global approach
  • How dysfunction affects core strength and stability

CPPS Certification – Day 1 (afternoon): Warm-up and Autoregulation

  • The evolution of the warm-up and why it is critical
  • REAL Athletes/REAL Results: For the first time, we will
  • reveal actual warm-ups & special exercises used by some of my “high-profile” clients to return from injuries in record time and break PR’s!
  • Common warm-up mistakes YOU may be making without knowing it
  • How to improve fluidity of your warm-up movements
  • How to activate muscles that have been “shut down / inhibited” for years
  • Rehabbing current injuries & preventing new ones
  • Being “realistic” – developing different warm-ups for different athletes in different situations
  • How to structure an athletes warm-up to improve performance immediately
  • …and much, much more!

CPPS Certification – Day 2 (morning): Athletic Strength and POWER Training

Group Warm-up (attendee structured and led)

  • Barbell training essentials and the ‘BIG THREE’
  • Fundamental movement patterns and corrections
  • Bracing for strength and power
  • How to utilize bands and chains for dynamic movements
  • The role maximal strength plays in power development
  • Learn the most important factors affecting YOUR power
  • Advanced plyometrics and med ball training for FAST results
  • Volume considerations when training for power
  • How, when and where to incorporate “ballistics” into your program
  • Power specificity and the principle of dynamic correspondence
  • Integration of power training into YOUR system
  • Contrast Training guidelines and best exercise pairings for guaranteed results
  • REAL professional athlete power programs and favorite exercises revealed!

CPPS Certification – Day 2 (afternoon): SPEED Training

  • Learn why most coaches “miss the boat” when training for sprinting speed
  • Training for speed vs. “conditioning” – what’s the difference? Energy System Considerations, etc.
  • Learn how to identify flaws in sprinting technique and correct them through strength, flexibility and coaching cues
  • How to shave 2 tenths off an athlete’s 40 Yard Dash with our legendary technique
  • Proper Acceleration mechanics and fool-proof drills to develop lightning fast athletes
  • The role Maximum Velocity plays in most team sports and how/when to train for it
  • The TRUTH behind “agility” training – this may shock you!
  • Over-rated (yet extremely popular) speed training products & gadgets – stop wasting your time and money and start getting RESULTS!